French silent night

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french silent night

This is an French version of the popular and well-known Christmas carol, Silent Night. Nuit de Paix (FRENCH). Nuit de Paix, Sainte Nuit. Dans l'étable aucun bruit. Dans le ciel tout repose en paix. Mais soudain dans l'air pur et frais. Le brillant. Read the French lyrics with a literal English translation of this very famous French Christmas Carol, Douce Nuit or Silent Night. french silent night


Silent Night(Instrumental + Lyrics in French/English/Italian) You can complete the translation of silent night given by the English-French Batwoman symbol dictionary with other dictionaries such as: There was an error. Christ the Savior is born, Christ the Savior is born. French Poste de nuit. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Please add a comment. Transition Display Jigsaw Activity.


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