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neumann u67

Wählen Sie das gewünschte Produkt anhand der Typenbezeichnung aus. Es werden hier nur Produkte aufgelistet, zu denen Informationsmaterial online. Vintage Neumann U67 tube, excellent, rare, w/original capsule K67, PSU | Musical Instruments & Gear, Pro Audio Equipment, Microphones & Wireless Systems. In this Peluso P67. Estimated Delivery within business days. Ab sofort ist das TLM auch als Studio Set inkl. It'd be interesting if the one wasn't stock. According to the late Stephen Paul, the reissue U67s suffered gutscheine at what he characterized as reduced tolerances on the CNC-lathed K67 capsule. In my view, since you have the KHE I would go for a stock U The U87AI model is worse on both the bump AND the cutoff, IMO.

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New Reply Thread Tools. Neuman u87ai Pair With Shockmounts. Well, I don't know where it 'started, but there's no "rumour" for me. The Neumann U 67 is a multipattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a tube-and-transformer topology. TLM als Studio Set erhältlich. It also has a different frequency response and is less bright than a U87 and less open sounding. I think it's one of the best bargains going.


neumann u67

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Nonetheless, Neumann staff maintain that the reissue U67 was identical to the original in every way but one — the output connector differed. LOMO 19A19 2 pcs. Neumann U67 or U87, whats the dif? Originally Posted by popmann. Telefunken U47 Mic Microphone Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Pro Audio LA. If it doesn't sound "ok" through a U87, there's something wrong.


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